GeekGirlCon is coming up soon in Seattle!


I will be proposing a panel on women coders. This panel is specifically for younger women to ask about what it’s like to work in coding, how to act, how to get a job, and how to deal with colleagues who may not understand their unique gifts and perspective when it comes to writing beautiful code.

I and three women I know will be on the panel (one of whom will be the lovely Liz Dahlstrom over at Athena Geek); we are also open to the notion of additional members. We will look at ladies who want to join us and ask a few questions; essentially, are you making a living as a coder? While we’ve been approached by some ladies in college looking to join, we want to present a panel of women with experience and full careers as programmers.

If you’d like to know more, ping me at @cowgirlcoder on Twitter, post to The Cowgirl Coder Community on Facebook, or send me an email.

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