What an amazing panel! Today, I, Liz Dahlstrom, and Qian Yi did a panel on “A Career As A Lady Coder.”

We had a great time; the young ladies who asked questions were thoughtful, imaginative, and genuinely interested in careers as programmers. We hope that we encouraged you, challenged you, and mentored you, as we ourselves were mentored by the ladies who inspired us.

Best of luck!

For those of you looking for more help with technical interviews, head to Tech Interview Help.

4 thoughts to “GeekGirlCon

  • Amy

    I loved hearing you ladies speak, you gave some very helpful tips! Thank you for being such an awesome inspiration to female CS students like myself. 🙂

  • monica

    I was at GeekGirlCon as a staff member, so I didn't get to see your panel (my husband did, though). Do you have any suggestions for learning additional programming languages, other than the use of books? Programming books confuse me and I have found that I learn best being taught by someone who is experienced, usually in a one-on-one setting. Thank you!

    • Tarah

      Monica, I'd say that the best way to learn, just like Liz and I agreed on in the panel, is to just try. Ignore the books until you have specific questions, and even then, try a forum first. I learned Java by pasting in a sample class into Eclipse and individually researching why I was getting syntax highlighted errors. Piece by piece, I built the structure in my brain–that's the only way to do it without a teacher that will make any real difference to you.

    • Tarah

      Also, sorry I didn't get a chance to respond to you earlier. I caught Con Crud ;-(

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