Here’s something I didn’t think I’d be saying today:

My resume isn’t perfect.

There are three companies I’ve been dealing with over the last five weeks who were all based in multiple countries. I never thought to add my multiple language proficiencies to my resume; I have a hard time keeping my resume under four pages as it is, and that’s with leaving off references and most of my educational qualifications.

However, I’m near-fluent in French, quite good in German, and have a serious background in Mandarin, Spanish, Greek, and a smattering of a half-dozen other languages. I was coaching a female neurontin gabapentin online developer three weeks ago who was applying to a company with multiple locations worldwide–including Latin America, and never thought to tell her that her proficiency in Spanish should certainly come up during her interview.

As companies start to expand and acquire, you may find that your four years of German (no matter how
rusty) can pay off. If you’re proficient in an Asian language, make sure it shows up on your resume in the skills section. If you speak Klingon, email me. I need a translation of Jabberwocky for an ongoing joke I have with my father.

Oh, wait.

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