Our web development company, Red Queen Technologies, is now accepting a few new clients for site design and hosting services.

We run a very special, niche service for Northwest small businesses and charities. Specifically, we help very small businesses (even one-man shops) look very big on the web. Sometimes, you need to appear to be a much larger company than you are in order to credibly get business and make the contacts you need. Often you need people to talk about you on social media services and have that be readily apparent to casual visitors to your site.

In addition, today’s web has so many tools for e-commerce and business shaping that you may have no idea how best to leverage them to grow your company. We are experts in knowing which tools matter and which are time-wasters; we set you up with the best and train you to use them.

We specialize in providing face-to-face
service and will meet with you in person to design or redesign your site, give you the best advice possible, train you in how to easily manage your site, and serve you long-term. Even our most basic hosting comes with 1 hour/month of free site upgrades, training for you, and content updates.

Because our business is 70% referral and we do not accept clients without being able to provide the best possible service, we only open a few spots at a time for new design and hosting with Red Queen Technologies. Right now, we have 4 spots open. Please also be aware that if you refer a new client to us, we provide you with two months free hosting!

You can email us at info@redqueentech.com.

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