Looking for a Logo

How does one go about getting a logo made? I’ve gotten a couple of tentative offers, some concepts, and a few ridiculous quotes, but no one seems to do real logo work anymore. I’ve got two people promising drawings, but I haven’t actually seen anything yet.

Does anyone have recommendations for me? I’d really like to see some concept drawings of a nerdy superheroine. Comment on this post if you’re interested; you can use your Facebook login to do so.

First Annual Cowgirl Coder Essay Contest!

I want to encourage young women to learn to code. Programming is fun, lucrative, and once you’ve got the basics down, easy to progress in.

I know that it’s difficult sometimes to purchase the expensive resources that are needed to learn how to code. So, I’m going to hold an essay contest. (Code contests come later)

Tell me why you want to learn to be a programmer, and I’ll pick the three best essays out of the batch. I will ask two other coder friends of mine to help me judge between them. The winner can choose any of the Dummies books to help them start on their learning. If your essay explains to me why you want to learn web design, your prize can be Web Design for Dummies. Plus, I’ll make up a nice certificate.

I would like in the future to offer bigger and better prizes, including webinars, advanced training, internships, and scholarships, but that will all come in time as this community grows and we attract more
people to this nifty world of coding.

So, here are the rules. Submit to tarah@thetarah.com an essay of 750 words or less (as an attachment to an email, and ONLY in .txt format) by April 30th, 2010 explaining why you want to learn to code, and what obstacles you face. I’ll look over the essays, and announce the finalists by May 15th. I’ll also announce the guest judges and have them do their own blog posts explaining a little bit about themselves. On May 30th, I’ll announce the winner.*

*By submitting an essay to me, you’re saying that you (and your parents or guardians if you’re under 18 years old) are fine with having your name and essay published on this site if you are a finalist and that you live in the USA. I reserve the right to remove or alter personally identifying information in your essay.