Facebook posts as teasers

I’ve enabled Feed Facebook, Leave Facebook as a WordPress plugin; it’s a plugin designed to provide excerpts of blog posts to Facebook instead of the full content.

The idea of having a blog was to point people to the blog, and comments on my Facebook Notes do not centralize discussions. I liked the notion of multiple posts from the same blog entry, but the problem with that was that I have had the same discussion in two separate locations.

Let’s hope this works better. For those looking to do the same, scroll to the bottom of your Notes section in Facebook, click on the ‘Import a Blog’ help link, and use the URL from the FFLF plugin in the field.

Looking for a Logo

How does one go about getting a logo made? I’ve gotten a couple of tentative offers, some concepts, and a few ridiculous quotes, but no one seems to do real logo work anymore. I’ve got two people promising drawings, but I haven’t actually seen anything yet.

Does anyone have recommendations for me? I’d really like to see some concept drawings of a nerdy superheroine. Comment on this post if you’re interested; you can use your Facebook login to do so.

An update to the bash script that takes a parameter:



[[ -z $book ]] && { echo “No argument supplied, exiting!”; exit 1; }

[[ ! -e $book ]] && { echo “Can’t find a file with the name $book, exiting”; exit 1; }

sed -i ‘s/\r$//’ “$book”
while read line
if [[ $linecounter -gt 300 && -z “$line” || -z “$output_file” ]]; then
formatted_bookcounter=$(printf “%03d” $bookcounter)
echo “…starting segment $output_file”
echo “$title – segment $formatted_bookcounter” > $output_file
echo “===================” >> $output_file
echo “” >> $output_file
echo “$line” >> $output_file
done < "$book"