Simple tip to make Android easy to access…

…via your home wifi server.

(1) Install On Air from the Android Market.

(2) Ensure that your home wifi is accessible through your phone’s Settings menu.

(3) In On Air, set your preferences to “use the same 4-digit code”.

(4) Hit the big button to turn on the FTP server on your phone.

(5) In your chosen file manager (mine is Dolphin), FTP into the phone, using the 4-digit password generated by On Air. Save the password, and bookmark/save that FTP location to your Places view or some easy place to find it.

Bingo! Now, you only have to hit the big button on On Air and browse to that place in your file manager to remote-access your phone.

Icy cool…but for how long?

The polar ice caps are melting.

I’m not a global warming theorist, and I have no real opinion on climate change. I mostly don’t hold forth and/or pontificate on things I don’t understand, and as a scientist, I think it’s my obligation to not discuss matters that I haven’t researched.

There are a few pieces of incontrovertible evidence of some form of global climate shift, however. Whether or not there is any effect on that shift caused by humanity is a subject for more dogmatic minds than my own, but I do see the differences in the ice caps shown in these pictures.

I’m not sure what to make of those pictures, but I’m uncomfortable with the notion that when I climb Mt. Everest in about five years (when I’ll have trained to do so and have awesome pink climbing gear) that the accomplishment will matter somewhat less than Hillary and
Norgay would have hoped.

If it’s a simple stroll to a lovely grassy peak, what’s the point?

Ensuring Insurance Elicits Illicit and Affected Effect

I have a T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream. It just died. About 4 months ago, it started choking in the faintest stirrings of its coming death throes.

4 months ago, I still had insurance on it. I canceled my insurance (you know, the 6.95/mo T-Mobile charges to ‘insure’ your phone), since I discovered that the deductible for that insurance was close to $200.

That’s right, the phone I got from T-Mobile for $199 and insured at $7/mo for two years (total: $166.80) is replaceable–for $200.

Why the devil didn’t I realize that this is a MOBILE PHONE company, and as such, will find a way to screw me?

As a result, and most certainly the saddest part of this situation: I just bought another G1 on Ebay for $116, shipping included. I could have saved more than $50 even WITH buying a new phone…simply by ASSUMING that all cell phone providers will find a way to screw their customers.

nLesson learned.

PS: I’ll have a phone again in two or three days. Through T-Mobile’s insurance plan, it would have been 4-6 weeks to have mine replaced.