An update to the bash script that takes a parameter:

#!/bin/bash book=$1 [[ -z $book ]] && { echo “No argument supplied, exiting!”; exit 1; } [[ ! -e $book ]] && { echo “Can’t find a file with the name $book, exiting”; exit 1; } title=${book%.*} bookcounter=0 linecounter=0 sed -i ‘s/\r$//’ “$book” while read line do ((linecounter+=1)) if [[ $linecounter -gt 300 && -z “$line” || -z “$output_file” ]];…

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Get emailed a portion of classic literature each day.

Ok, so I am feeling guilty over not reading enough GOOD books. So, I devised a cunning plan whereby I am emailed a portion of a classic book each day. I started with the Iliad. I know that I’ll clear my emails every single day because a cluttered inbox irritates me…so this is the perfect motivational tool. I wrote each…

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