wget -i http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/10011582-TRON_legacy/

tarahmarie@tarahmarie-netbook-ubuntu:~$ whoami
tarahmarie@tarahmarie-netbook-ubuntu:~$ tron -v
tarahmarie@tarahmarie-netbook-ubuntu:~$ yum cillian-murphy
yum cillian-murphy: Permission denied.
tarahmarie@tarahmarie-netbook-ubuntu:~$ sudo yum cillian-murphy
You wish.
tarahmarie@tarahmarie-netbook-ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install imax
Hardware upgrade required. Take out a mortgage.
tarahmarie@tarahmarie-netbook-ubuntu:~$ runonce | imax -3d tron-legacy
If I have to, but I’m only http://www.onlinepharmacytabs.com tainting one of my cores with this fluff.
tarahmarie@tarahmarie-netbook-ubuntu:~$ exit
Thank you, God.

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