Help me mentor women in technology.

A few months ago, I teamed up with two other ladies from the Seattle area, and we formed LadyCoders, an initiative to mentor women in technology. We’re focused on helping women survive interviews; if you’re a reader of mine, you know that this is a particular passion of mine. We are going to try to put on and film a seminar in October to help 40 local women learn how to convert their skills into a career, and we need your help to do it.

Please, see the LadyCoders: Get Hired Seattle 2012 project on Kickstarter.

Women need training in how to communicate well in interviews. They need to learn to self-promote, to run projects, to take credit where credit is due, and we can help.

As for me, I have an RNG to write; we’re asking for help sponsoring women to the seminar, and I get to randomly assign financial assistance to those who request it. I’m
thinking a Mersenne twister.