Developer at AtlasCamp apologizes to “all getting offended” by his sexist joke

**EDITED 17:44 Pacific 6/4/14** Saha develops for Atlassian, but does not work for them.

Today, Jonathan Doklovic, an Atlassian developer at Atlassian’s AtlasCamp in Berlin, Germany presented a talk that contained this slide:


Then, Marko Saha (Director, Agile Enterprise Solutions at Ambientia) tweeted it because he thought it was funny.

The tweet has gone viral. Atlassian’s CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes, has already responded with a blog post here:

On failing our values, our team, and our industry

There’s a problem. While the creator of the slide hasn’t responded, Marko Saha has responded by halfheartedly apologizing “to those offended”,

referring to the social media response to his sexist joke as a hassle,

claimed the slide was taken out of context,

And seems to be referring to the lack of consequences anyone faced as bullshit, because

Soooo, Atlassian? You’ve got a mess to clean up there. You might start by letting your dev know that this is inappropriate behavior BEFORE handling the PR in a situation like this. Second, Ambientia has a mess to clean up as well. The last thing Saha tweeted, an hour ago, was a list of literary insults.

7 thoughts to “Developer at AtlasCamp apologizes to “all getting offended” by his sexist joke”

    1. I see what you mean. He's listed as "Atlassian developer" everywhere I saw, and it turns out it means he develops FOR Atlassian, not that he works AT Atlassian. My headline could be clearer; I'll post an update now.

      1. This article of yours is such FAIL, MEGA-Fail!

        You have so many things listed incorrectly that its just pure crap from start to finish. As a “journalist” have you ever come acrosss the term “research”?

        Here is something to start you off:

        Marko Saha and his team at Ambientia has absolutely NOTHING to do with Atlassian, they dont work there, they dont develop for them so lets start off with those corrections to your “article”.

        Also you quote Markotelling a sexist joke? Can you please quote a reference to a source where Marko tells/writes a sexist joke?

        Ahh thats right, he didnt say it now did he?

        Back to media school?


  1. Hey, look it's something we can get upset about! Let's get all upset about it!

    You are honestly doing a disservice to women who are interested in entering the tech world. Enough with the bullshit drama please, we need more women in tech. Thanks.

  2. I honestly don't get it. Please educate me.

    Would it be sexist if he said "Maven is my Significant Other"?

    If not then why would it be sexist because he outed himself as a heterosexual male?

    I see the joke as a reference to partner stereotypes as opposed to gender stereotypes.

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