Author: tarah

  • Triple booting Linux distros with a mix of GRUB2 and GRUB legacy, Part 2

    Instructions on how to multi-boot with a mix of legacy and 2. DISCLAIMER: this method erases your entire hard drive and repartitions it. If you are uncomfortable mucking about with partition tables, go look at some beginner resources and tutorials on fdisk, gparted, and disk partitioning in general. This is not a method or tutorial […]

  • Triple booting Linux distros with a mix of GRUB2 and GRUB legacy, Part 1

    I’ve been experimenting with other distros. I just got a 2TB internal Western Digital Caviar Black, and there’s just too much room there NOT to create nine partitions and get my distro freak on. I know, Kubuntu baybee, but it’s not you, it’s me. I just can’t stay faithful to one distro, and you KNEW […]

  • An update to the bash script that takes a parameter:

    #!/bin/bash book=$1 [[ -z $book ]] && { echo “No argument supplied, exiting!”; exit 1; } [[ ! -e $book ]] && { echo “Can’t find a file with the name $book, exiting”; exit 1; } title=${book%.*} bookcounter=0 linecounter=0 sed -i ‘s/\r$//’ “$book” while read line do ((linecounter+=1)) if [[ $linecounter -gt 300 && -z […]

  • Get emailed a portion of classic literature each day.

    Ok, so I am feeling guilty over not reading enough GOOD books. So, I devised a cunning plan whereby I am emailed a portion of a classic book each day. I started with the Iliad. I know that I’ll clear my emails every single day because a cluttered inbox irritates me…so this is the perfect […]

  • Simple tip to make Android easy to access…

    …via your home wifi server. (1) Install On Air from the Android Market. (2) Ensure that your home wifi is accessible through your phone’s Settings menu. (3) In On Air, set your preferences to “use the same 4-digit code”. (4) Hit the big button to turn on the FTP server on your phone. (5) In […]