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Which JSON library should I use in my Android and Java projects? is where you start; this is the prepackaged JSON found in Oracle and Open Java Development Kits. The home page is a useful resource to see all the different JSON libraries out there for all different languages. GSON is most useful for converting Java objects into their JSON representation. The Google libs can also convert a JSON representation into…

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How To Build A Ruby Server With RVM On Kubuntu 12.10

So I’m building a Ruby server right now for the first time. I’m going to list out here the resources I used as a skilled web dev to get this up and running right away. These links do assume that you know what you’re doing in the cloud, but if so, they’re the best way to get running fast.…

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Vegan Tab with Viewsonic gTablet

I’ve obviously been busy for the last month, and the posts concerning the LadyCoders Kickstarter will appear on the site. I’d really rather get back to the fun of reviewing a hardware/OS combo. About three weeks ago, I got a used Viewsonic gTablet and flashed Vegan Tab on it. I’ve never had a tablet before, and I was thrilled…

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HOWTO: Always know your home computer’s IP address from anywhere using Dropbox

To always know what your home machine’s IP address is (and while I’ll assume that you’re running Kubuntu, this can be adapted using the following bash script to any machine). Apt-get ‘kcron’. Open Task Scheduler and set the following bash script to run every five minutes: #!/bin/bash J=`wget -qO – | grep -Eo ‘\<[[:digit:]]{1,3}(\.[[:digit:]]{1,3}){3}\>’` K=`date` echo “$J $K” >>…

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Third Edition Earthdawn Dice Roller in Java

So, I play an RPG called Earthdawn; it’s a lot like D&D, but for real nerds. One of the things we all do in my gaming group is write our own dice rollers; rolling actual dice is SO passé–and there’s an ongoing argument about whether or not a seeded random is more or less random than the natural flaws in…

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Python For Scripting

Hi!  I’m Liz from Athenageek.  Tarah and I are writing guest posts in each other’s blogs on the scripting languages we love. I must make a confession before I continue with this post – I adore Python. It’s made me a better coder. I think about problems differently than I used to, I’m better at breaking them down into tiny…

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