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The IDE Wars: NetBeans or Eclipse for Java Software Development

I’ve been working on several applications for a few years; some are ready or released into the wild. I’ve used NetBeans and Eclipse to develop one application in particular; I’ve written an Earthdawn dice roller application. Earthdawn is like Dungeons & Dragons, but for real nerds. The Earthdawn dice system is complex, including a shifting iterated seven-step algorithm for determining…

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How to SSH into your home computer to access media files, documents, processes, or anything else you might need

I wanted access to my home machine so I could access any files I want. Dropbox is pretty awesome, but if you’ve forgotten to put something in your Dropbox folder, you’ll be in deep trouble. (1) Run “sudo apt-get install openssh-server” at the command line. (2) Run “sudo cp /etc/ssh/sshd_config /etc/ssh/sshd_config.original”. This copies your original configuration file for SSH so…

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How to batch scan using Xsane

If you’re like me, you can’t throw important documents away, but there’s no easy way to scan old records, tax documents, and all the crap you’re supposed to save for 7 or 10 years…or however long taxes are supposed to stick around. Unfortunately, batch scanning with Xsane using an ADF (auto document feeder) is not even remotely intuitive. Here’s how…

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An update to the bash script that takes a parameter:

#!/bin/bash book=$1 [[ -z $book ]] && { echo “No argument supplied, exiting!”; exit 1; } [[ ! -e $book ]] && { echo “Can’t find a file with the name $book, exiting”; exit 1; } title=${book%.*} bookcounter=0 linecounter=0 sed -i ‘s/\r$//’ “$book” while read line do ((linecounter+=1)) if [[ $linecounter -gt 300 && -z “$line” || -z “$output_file” ]];…

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Get emailed a portion of classic literature each day.

Ok, so I am feeling guilty over not reading enough GOOD books. So, I devised a cunning plan whereby I am emailed a portion of a classic book each day. I started with the Iliad. I know that I’ll clear my emails every single day because a cluttered inbox irritates me…so this is the perfect motivational tool. I wrote each…

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Simple tip to make Android easy to access…

…via your home wifi server. (1) Install On Air from the Android Market. (2) Ensure that your home wifi is accessible through your phone’s Settings menu. (3) In On Air, set your preferences to “use the same 4-digit code”. (4) Hit the big button to turn on the FTP server on your phone. (5) In your chosen file manager (mine…

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